Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alcock and Brown's Flight into Darkness

Flying the Vimy from Lester's Field.
A simulation of that historic take-off from Lester's Field that changed aviation forever.
The simulator's model was ferry flown from Torbay Airport to the actual site of Lester's field as it existed in 1919.

This play list is a series of video clips which were recorded of sessions on the flight simulator where we attempted to fly the model of the Vimy aircraft across the stormy North Atlantic using real live weather and full realism settings. The flight path followed was the one flown by Jack Alcock and Teddie Brown exactly 96 years prior in 1919.

The task was anything but easy since the Vimy handled like a pig in conditions of severe turbulence, which we had to encounter on numerous occasions during the crossing, as did the Alcock and Brown Team.

The goal was to follow the origonal flight path and to land as close as possible to the team's crash landing site near Cliffden in Ireland.

Watch the entire play list to see how we made out.

Read the eBook at Google Play [Flight into Darkness]
Video recorded from actual MS Flight Simulator 2004 sessions with real live weather and full realism settings.

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