Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Russian P-39 Aircobre Dogfighting with German Me 262 Jet Fighter

IL2 Forgotten Battles Video Game of the unusual mid engine, Bell P-39 of the Russian Army Air-force engage in air to air combat with an Me 262 German's famous jet fighter aircraft. The so called "tank buster" could hold its own against the enemy thanks to its powerful through the propeller shaft canon. The P-39 was used with great success by the Soviet Air Force, which scored the highest number of individual kills attributed to any U.S. fighter type. The scenes were flown from the cockpit and recorded on track files which are later played back, viewed from various locations, through the magic of view control and recorded by FRAPS; the computer screen capture software.
Shooting down the Messerschmidt Me 262 was not an easy task even in this game. If an offensive attack was attempted the results were predictable: a quick defeat and falling victim to the Me 262's superior fire power and performance. After several unsuccessful attempts we tried defensive measures and hoping to out turn him and get in a lucks shot or two. Watch the video and see how it worked out.

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