Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gulf of Finland Air War

Gulf of Finland 1944
I recently tried loading my old copy of IL 2 Forgotten Battles after a long hiatus from active online gaming. To my surprise the program loaded and ran flawlessly on my big screen all-in-one desk-top computer running Windows 7 Ultimate, without  the aid of layers of patches, that were necessary with earlier versions of Windows. The experience brought back memories of how much fun I had playing this game, but now on the big screen it is even better.
It is virtually impossible to fly this mission and survive with all the hazards of heavy flack in the attack approach zone, the continual threat from enemy Fw-190 A's and the murderous intensity of anti-aircraft fire from the convoy its self, plus the challenge of coaxing a damaged aircraft back to home base. I tried numerous times without success.


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