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Air Battle for Belgorod

Belgorod City in Russia
Belgorod is a city and the administrative center of Belgorod Oblast, Russia, located on the Seversky Donets River just 40 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border. Population: 356,402; 337,030; 300,408. Wikipedia

The Belgorod-Bogodukhov Offensive Operation[edit] Early on 3 August 1943, the Forces of the Voronezh and Steppe Fronts b advancing on a wide front between Sumy and Volchansk (175 km), crossed the Vorskla river & quickly penetrated the defences of the 332nd Infantry Division & 167th Infantry Division to a depth of 100 km[3] between Tomarovka & Belgorod on the northern flank, and as far as Bogodukhov sweeping aside the weakened 19th Panzer Division. By 5 August Belgorod which was defended by XI Armeecorps (Raus) was also being surrounded and isolated, requiring attempts by the German Armeeabteilung Kempf and 4th Panzerarmee Armies to relieve the garrison which was ordered by Hitler to defend the city.

Date23 July – 14 August 1943
ResultSoviet victory
 Nazi Germany Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Erich von MansteinSoviet Union Nikolai Fyodorovich Vatutin
Soviet Union Ivan Konev
Units involved
4th Panzer Army
Army Group "Kempf"
XLVIII Panzer Corps
III Panzer Corps
XI Army Corps
GroƟdeutschland Panzergrenadier Division
Voronezh Front
Steppe Front
1st Guards Tank Army
5th Guards Tank Army
6th Guards Army
5th Guards Army
53rd Army
69th Army
7th Guards Army
27th Army
60,000 men[1]
250 tanks
400,000-500,000 men[1]
1859 Tanks[2]
Casualties and losses
20,000 killed[1]
80 Tanks/Assault Guns destroyed
50,000 killed
800 Tanks destroyed or damaged
Four La-5F fighters of the 8th Guards Fighter Division, are called in to help protect the Soviet`s front lines from attack by Nazi Henschel 129`s and FW 190`s; with odds stacked at two to one against us, this mission will not be an easy one.

La 5F

RoleFighter aircraft
DesignerSemyon Lavochkin
First flightMarch 1942
IntroductionJuly 1942
Primary userSoviet Air Force
Number built9,920
VariantsLavochkin La-7
Another Mission: 

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