Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dornier Do 335 Pfeil (Arrow) Fighter-Bomber / Heavy Fighter (1945)

Unit 335 this unit was set up at Mencken on 4 September 1944 to .
undertake tactical evaluation of the Do 335. Despite twice being halted, trials continued at Richlin until the units final disbandment on 15th of April 1945.
Test Unit 335 was set up  by Oberkommando der Luftwaffe (OKL), the majority upon the instigation of the quartermaster Gen. for the express purpose of evaluating the flight characteristics and establishing the technical suitability of the Do 335 advanced aircraft prior to their delivery to front line Luftwaffe units.  Flight testing and evaluation of pre-and early series production aircraft was undertaken by specialized test detachments or test squadrons. Manned by Luftwaffe personnel, these units were responsible not only poor the testing of aircraft under operational conditions, but also are conducting trials to establish their optimum tactical employment. Sometimes these tests were conducted at the front lines under war time conditions.

Watch a simulation of the Arrow in flight

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